Tie Down The Jersey with Allan Decker #5

Dear Sheffield,

Thank you. Thank you for finally giving me something to focus on. This week I had originally planned a mish-mash of issues, the first being that Fife goalie Garrett Zemlak is only human after all after Panthers put eight goals by him & Corey’s frankly embarrassing interviews, but no.

And it’s not even how poor our Northern brethren look this year. I mean, they haven’t even scored at the NIC yet. The best they get is that King fought Lepine and handed him his first loss, but even Finnerty said it was a nothing fight and it did nothing to motivate his team!

They signed that chubby school boy Chad Huttel as a gamble, that hasn’t paid off! NHS Sarich who is back purely because he’s just part of the furniture and they can’t bare to let him go, like a much loved family pet that needs putting down, but they just keep paying the vets bills! Come on Simmsey, your neighbours are going to be calling the RSPCA at this point, it’s just cruel!

I know they had to go cheap, after all they never know when they are going to go bust again and their league position currently says they are doing alright, but they aren’t any sort of dominant force to be reckoned with. When Finnerty fails to instil any sort of discipline, it’s amusing. I was in tears of laughter seeing Colt King flailing his arms about like a petulant child when he went offside (again) but then Ryan himself wasn’t setting the best example was he?

No, that’s not what I’m bothered about; I mean picking on Steelers performance versus Panthers this season is easy. They’ve been poor, showed very little passion and not really given us any problems. Hell we had more problems with Fife! It’s like kicking a puppy. But that’s not their fault is it? It’s that big, bad Carson. On that though, the game sheet shows both teams took 45 PIMs, so refereeing bias wasn’t a factor in the game.

It’s not any of that, it’s their fans reactions. When I read Jono’s article on the abuse he was getting from Steelers fans about his coverage, it really galvanized my opinion of them which has never been very high.

I really can’t understand why they expect unbiased commentary from Jono? It’s never pretended to be anything other than a Panthers commentary. I’d have thought the avatar used (the old Panthers logo) and the name (The Cat’s Whiskers) would have given it away. But I suppose when you suddenly realise your team can’t afford quality players anymore and you end up with not one but BOTH Tait’s on your team, I’d be upset and looking for someone to take my frustrations out on. And that happened to be Jono.

I’ve got no doubt that a lot of Steelers fans will pick up on this and they will go back to their tried and tested ‘1956’ chants and ‘You won’t win the league anyway’. To answer that, I’d like to ask where Sheffield ice hockey was at in 1956? Steelers were nothing more than a stain in their dad’s long johns at that point in time. As for claims we won’t win the league, well, even if that’s not the case, we will be coming a damn sight closer they will!

Finally I’d like to thank all the fans who booed Sheffield off at the end, coupled with the result, it really made my night. Surprisingly some Sheffield fans had actually stuck around to see it!

Many thanks & regards,

Allan Decker


2 Responses to “Tie Down The Jersey with Allan Decker #5”

  1. 1 Greg November 16, 2011 at 11:02 am

    The problem is that Sheffield fans have been told time and time again that the league, no the world, revolves around a metal shed near Meadowhall and they’re daft enough (en masse – it’s a herd thing) to believe it. Start a discussion about attendance, finance, the relative financial support our respective fans provide not forgetting to include the magic words “Sheffield need us more than we need them” and I guarantee that if you say that they need us more than we need them they’ll be queueing up to tell you you’re wrong. It’s just a shame they’re not so keen on queueing at the doors of the tin shed!

    Nice to see someone on faceberk saying I insulted with panache, it’s just a shame that I’ve such a huge amount of contempt for the person who said it.

  2. 2 JohnnyfromDonny November 20, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    I was looking forward to reading this but, having done so, am very disappointed. There’s very little substance to this article which sadly fails to focus on the great game of hockey. We’ve all had experiences of the lunatic fringe at games. I once had a near miss when a panthers fan threw a half full can of beer from a corporate box into the Steelers fans below. Why not focus on getting your own house in order and let the hockey begin.

    I’m missing Greg Mitchell.

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