Tie Down The Jersey with Allan Decker #6

Don’t worry, I’m just a bit late this week, you haven’t got rid of me.

I’d like to start this week by wishing NHS Sarich a speedy recovery, I hope he’s not too badly hurt and is back on the ice soon. Well I would be if Steelers fans had shown the same outpouring of sympathy towards Danny Meyers and Matt Myers during their injuries, but they didn’t, so I’m not.
Don’t get me wrong, his injury sounds horrific and I don’t wish him ill health, just ill enough for his absence to severely impact the Steelers squad. Any true Panthers fan who feels otherwise is lying.

Maybe it wasn’t a check that did it, but during their Stanley Cup winning celebrations on Sunday! That pile on was worthy of a game 7 OT winner, surely? Taking a point off us in overtime early doors in the season, after being demolished time after time up to that point is obviously is much more important than I ever anticipated! If Steelers beat us to the league title by a mere point this season I may eat those words, but that’s unlikely. In the words of Michael Winner, calm down dear.

In other news, the softest player in ice hockey is back for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’ve never been more disappointed at seeing a player return to the ice. People make out he’s the player kids should emulate, but they are wrong. He cries, he’s soft and he skates around with his head down looking at his feet.

Remind you of anyone?


I can’t find the video of Voths hit on Sjogren but you get the idea.

To discourage physical play is just wrong. You can’t blame guys for following through on hits. They shouldn’t be responsible for checking if the other guy is prepared to receive it. Guys should ALWAYS be prepared to take a hit. It’s a fast paced game. What next? Players have to ‘book’ a check for the next shift?

At face off –
Voth: Hi Ashley, I was wondering terribly if you would mind being checked this shift?
Tait: Sorry Brad, not today, I want to check my laces are tied mid ice first.
Voth: Not to worry, next time eh?

The only good thing about Crosby’s career not being ended is that there won’t be uproar trying to get body checks banned entirely!
In other news, Adam Keefe of Belfast Giants has been getting stick from Fife. I’m normally all up for giving some faceless abuse in written form (unbelievable I know), but at least I attempt to talk about something I actually know and back up points. According to the Fife programme (unlike me, they gave this guy an official platform) Keefe is an irritation known for fighting with himself? He’s just a tough agitator who can back up his actions. What’s wrong with that? It’s like Keefe said, the guy writing that article has clearly never played a shift of hockey in his life. I’d question whether he has ever WATCHED a shift of hockey or if he just gets all his know how from THF. Always wondered what that stood for, turns out its Totally Humourless F*******, you get the idea!

Finally though, distressing news from Edmonton, 16 year old Kyle Fundytus is killed after being stuck in the neck during a Midget AA game. It hit a weak spot, it was a fluke, whatever you want to say it really drives home that it is a dangerous sport, and that’s the sort of guy who should be playing and have a long career at whatever level, quite literally laying his body on the line to block a shot from point.

RIP Kyle

Jono would like to point out that the above are Allan’s own views & opinions and not necessarily those of himself or The Cat’s Whiskers


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