Cage Forumé

After the hysterical recaction to Panthers first regulation time loss in almost two months, I thought it was time for yet another of The Cat’s Whiskers famous lyrical re-workings. This time I’ve chosen to alter the lyrics to the Dean Martin classic Amoré, I proudly give you Cage Forumé

When you’re losing your head after one loss in ten that’s Cage Forum
If you blame referee’s not a functionless D that’s Cage Forum
If you shout and you scream don’t credit the other team that’s Cage Forum
It isn’t a sin to believe Panthers always should win on Cage Forum

If you over react when the opposition attacks that’s Cage Forum
If you’re slamming the door when Braehead Clan score that’s Cage Forum
If you think we should drub because they’re our sister club that’s Cage Forum
Other fans may balk but it’s better than Steeltalk THE CAGE FORUM!


1 Response to “Cage Forumé”

  1. 1 Jo January 5, 2012 at 8:24 am

    How true. That’s why I don’t go on there any more.

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