Pride & Glory – Rob Jovanovic

It’s nearly 76 years since Great Britain’s ice hockey team won the Olympic gold medal in 1936, but arguably there is no British Olympic triumph to match it. Author Rob Javonovic tells the story of one of Great Britain’s greatest Olympic triumphs in Pride & Glory, a book that took over five years to write.

The book tells the tale of how the GB team became not only the first team to beat mighty Canada in Olympic competition, but also how the cobbled together team of rank outsiders became the Olympic, World & European champions.

Rob has spent five years tracing the families of the GB team and constructing the players’ stories. His travels have taken him from southern England to 19th-Century Glasgow, across the Atlantic to Canada and back to Germany of the 1930’s, before an unlikely ending in Nottingham. He has dedicated much time and air miles in order to tell the players stories!

The book has been beautifully put together. Not only does it contain the stories of the men involved in that amazing triumph but it also contains rare photographs of the team, players and rinks of the time. There’s an especially great photo of one of the first Nottingham Panthers teams in the book.

Priced at £14.99 the book is well worth every penny and is available from Nottingham branches of Waterstones, Nottingham & Hull WH Smith, Crazy Kennys, Elite League clubs and also the NIC shop. Orders online can be made via Pineapple Books



1 Response to “Pride & Glory – Rob Jovanovic”

  1. 1 jukka ruskeeahde July 4, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    I have been running an ice hockey website “Centennial Hockey Website” ever since 2006 and I recommend this book to everyone sincerely interested about the 1936 GBR team!

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