Play-Off Quarter Finals Preview

With the regular season over attention now turns to the play off quarter finals. We have already had one game on Tuesday of course, but here I preview all four quarter finals and reveal who i think will make the final four at the NIC next weekend.

Belfast Giants v Dundee Stars
Unfortunately for the Stars I can only see one result here and I’m afraid it isn’t a shock! The Giants are the league champions because they were the best team over the course of the season and I would put them as favourites for the play-off title as well.
With the first leg being at the Odyssey the Giants have the chance to build up a size able lead before the return leg at Dundee Ice Arena on Sunday.
I don’t wish to show any disrespect to the Stars but I just can’t see them getting through to the final four considering who they’re playing. Sorry Brent!
TCW Prediction: Belfast to reach the Final Four

Sheffield Steelers v Hull Stingrays
It is rarely a quiet week in Steelerland and this week is no exception. Hands up if anyone thought that Colt King had played his last game for the Steelers on Sunday night? (Put your hand down Finnerty!) Brave, brave move by the Steelers coach. It will be a stroke of genius or a disaster and with Nick Duff also voicing his displeasure at lack of games in The Star, it would be easy to assume that Finnerty has lost the dressing room. However, his move to sack King will have re-asserted his authority as top dog in the organisation, question is will his players respond in the right way?
As for the Stingrays, they have the firepower to damage the Steelers, especially at home. They’ll be confident after beating Steelers 4-3 last time out. I feel this is the tie that has a potential to be a shock, however Steelers will scrape through, just like they always do!
TCW Prediction: Sheffield to just reach the Final Four

Nottingham Panthers (0) v Braehead Clan (3)
Everyone knows what happened on Tuesday night. The Clan took a huge stride towards the final four with a 3-0 victory over the Panthers in Braehead and must now be favourites to reach the finals weekend. Since Tuesday night Panthers appear to have turned into the Steelers with this ‘We Believe’ stuff. It seems to have rallied the fans though so maybe it isn’t such a bad thing.
Panthers have to win by three clear goals just to take the game into overtime so it is an uphill task but they do have the firepower to do it. However, they also have to restrict the scoring prowess of Jade Galbraith & Jordan Krestanovic.
Personally, I think we’ve left ourselves too much to do. I want to ‘believe’, but I can’t sadly. I think Panthers will win the game but not by enough……sadly.
TCW Prediction: Braehead to reach the Final Four (Prove me wrong Panthers)

Cardiff Devils v Coventry Blaze
This one is too close to call. Blaze finished the season strongly but Devils have the play-off pedigree having never failed to make the final four in the Elite League era.
Records do come to an end though and I reckon that Blaze will make it by a slim margin, however I’d be happy for Devils to do it just to punish the Blaze for all this #bleedblue rubbish on Twitter!
I expect two low scoring games and Blaze to take it overall by the odd goal. The key man will be Shea Guthrie, if he is on his game then the Blaze will go through.
TCW Prediction: Coventry to just reach the Final Four


2 Responses to “Play-Off Quarter Finals Preview”

  1. 1 Leo March 30, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    I do believe and the Panthers will be there next week!!! It’s only 3 goals and by the half way point I predict it will be level on overall goals! Panthers prove me right…… please please…..

    I predict Sheffield and Belfast will have easy wins, by significant margins overall. Cardiff and Coventry will be tight and I predict that Cardiff will squeeze through, maybe in overtime though…..

  2. 2 Eric green March 31, 2012 at 6:34 am

    Good article Jono, however, I feel the predictions are not quite right. Given the Steelrs present form I’ll go for Hull to beat us (just) and I’m sorry to say I feel The Panthers will win ( just) the other two I’ll go with.. Can’t believe I’ve written this as a Steeler fan, but above all I’m a realist..
    Regards Eric

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