New Match Night Live Service Launched

Some great news was revealed to the #panthersnation today as a new match night service has been launched on Twitter which will keep fans in touch with all the happenings at Panthers games. Panthers Hockey Live (PHL for short) can be followed on Twitter @NPHockeyLive and is the brainchild of former TCW Live commentator Iain Dilley.

I spoke to Iain and asked him about the new service and why he’s launched it, he said “I decided to do it as I have been asked by a number of people, both home & abroad, about continuing to update games with the old style full commentary on my personal social media sites. It was just as easy to set up PHL.”

Iain won’t be alone as former TCW Live texter Antoine Marie-Jeanne & period summariser Andy Haywood are both on board with the new project. Said Iain of his PHL colleagues, “Ant was asked as he was great for TCW Live and Andy volunteered. Andy is a great round-up guy and his period end reports are very good. He is also a fight fan and brings his extensive knowledge of the rougher side of the game.” He continued “Ant is very enthusiastic and can be more biased than some may be used to! As for me, I always try to be objective. I am an ex-goalie and tend to favour them in my reviews. They are always unlucky, never at fault!”

I also spoke to Ant & Andy to ask them about their involvement. Andy said “I thought I’d be able to lend a hand and give something back after spending the last few years supporting TCW, I felt it was my turn.” Ant added ” TCW Live closing left a big gap with many Panthers fans as it was the premier service in getting updates, particularly for away games. We’re hoping to fill some of that gap.”

The final word went to Iain, who said “We will try and cover as many games as possible with an emphasis on commentary, not just statistical updates, so people can expect more of the same really and we will try and do the TCW Live legacy proud.”

On a personal note I want to wish the guys all the best with their new match night service and I’m glad that the legacy of TCW Live will be carried on by some top people. They deserve evrey bit of support & gratitude for this from the Panthers fanbase and beyond.

To follow PHL on Twitter go to @NPHockeyLive or visit them on Facebook.


1 Response to “New Match Night Live Service Launched”

  1. 1 Simonski Boy August 14, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Brilliant news! Thanks to all involved for doing this. Oh and by the way if you were one of the people who used to moan and hurl abuse at the people involved in TCW live – just don’t bother to follow the new service OK? Iain, Andy and Ant are giving up their time and putting in effort to do this which the vast majority of us appreciate very much. If all you are going to do is be negative and criticise then find somewhere else to do it.

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