Back for Beau?

David Alexandre Beauregard

As you would expect, the news of David Alexandre Beauregard’s release from the CHL’s Tulsa Oilers has sent a clamour of Tweets & forum posts from Panthers fans begging for his return.

DAB enjoys almost legend like status amongst the fanbase (and God like status with The Student!) for good reason too. Not only did he score the game winning goals in both our play-off triumphs, he also gave everything in every shift he had in our shirt, nothing was ever left on the ice. He is also a supreme sniper and to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen any forward so deadly around the net in all my time watching the game. Perhaps the only criticism anyone can have of this seasons Panthers team so far is the lack of a natural sniper, so the big question is should the Panthers go all out to bring him back?

If it was left to me then yes I would have him back in a heartbeat. He is and will remain one of my all-time favourite players to pull on the black & gold shirt, but it isn’t my decision and to be honest it isn’t a simple yes or no answer, there are several factors to be considered by the club, such as:

1) Would bringing him in upset the locker room?
2) Do we really need another player?
3) What will Corey Neilson’s role be for the remainder of the season?
4) Who would you cut to make room for him?
5) Would he be signed just to prevent him signing for either Sheffield or Belfast?

To take each of those points in turn, currently we look to have a very settled team that is producing results, the shock loss to Edinburgh Capitals is Panthers only defeat in nine games. Would having the spare import create disharmony amongst the team, especially if it is the same players being sat out each game?
Do we really need another player? We have one of, if not the deepest squad in the Elite League. If DAB was to return that would give us a roster of 21 players if you still include Neilson, with a split of 13 imports and 8 Brits.
Talking of Neilson, what is his role going to be. From my point of view I think he is far more effective behind the bench than he is on the ice and results since he started wearing the suit prove that. As good a player as he is, I think he’s better off staying behind the bench and only icing himself in absolute emergencies. If this proves to be the case then bringing in a spare import would be a sensible move, and who better than DAB?

Who would you cut if it came to that? Personally no-one. The team is playing brilliantly at the moment, cutting anyone from the squad at this moment in time would be beyond harsh.
Finally, as cynical as it would be, will the Panthers sign him just to prevent him signing for one of our title rivals? Obviously that opens up a whole other debate about morals & ethics and I don’t want to see us become like AC Milan of the 1990’s! However I would hate to see him ply his trade for either Steelers or Giants because that could and probably would hurt us. I could handle him signing for Braehead for example because, with the greatest respect to them, they aren’t challenging for the league.

For me, DAB’s return would be a fantastic Christmas present, but there are so many factors that have to be considered and it may just be that the club don’t want him back with things as they are currently.
It should be an interesting few days.


4 Responses to “Back for Beau?”

  1. 1 Grumpyminer December 18, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Exactly that Jono! I agree with your opinion entirely.

  2. 2 Shelly December 18, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    I completely agree with everything you have said! Do you really think he would go to Sheffield or Belfast? Gee I hope not, that’s one thing I hadn’t even considered!! Did he not say if he came back he would only sign for us and nobody else? (But I guess a guys got to earn a living!) I don’t think we should sign him just to stop him going to the other clubs (and I don’t think we would for that reason) but I think he could replace Corey on the ice and it can never hurt to have a spare body! ( for injuries, rest ups, and to keep them all on their toes!). Personally I think this could be our best season yet with the squad we got but it would never hurt to have DAB in there now would it!! Ever the optimist me!!

  3. 3 Rr December 18, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Would be good to see him back , but personally I can’t see it

  4. 4 Henry Appleby December 18, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Like a few people have said on other sites, did he not come back to us or the EIHL because he wanted to spend more time with his family in the states. If this is still true won’t he just sign for another team in America!

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