Is the Menei Story Straight?

You can tell the new EIHL season is almost around the corner when the war of words start between the biggest rivals in the known universe. For those that are wondering what I’m blathering on about, here it comes in as much of a nutshell as I can put it:

Still with me? Good.

Now, let’s look at this logically for a second. I doubt that Menei would have heard much about either team before signing, however let’s assume he did some asking around. Is there really any valid reason that a player would turn down an extra £200 per week (which equates to £6,400 extra over a 32 week season) when he has no connection to either club? I can’t understand why the Steelers would insult their fans intelligence like that (OK, there’s some that will lap it up but I’d like to think that most would be savvy enough to recognise the strong smell of BS!)

Should the Panthers have come out in the press extolling their anger? Probably not, it might have been best to protest at the next Elite League Board Meeting out of the glare of the public eye, however I can more than understand the anger of Neilsion & GM if the Steelers have allegedly not been telling the truth.

The more cynical may believe it is yet another ruse to stoke up the rivalry and sell tickets, especially given that Panthers five trophies to Steelers none over the the past couple of seasons may have left them with a smilar inferiority complex that we used to have when the roles were reversed. They need to show their fans they are grabbing small victories (however truthful or not) whenever they can.

I doubt it will ever change in the forseeable future, so sit back and enjoy the circus when it arrives. The show starts in Sheffield on 8th September, good seats are still available!


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