Now Is Your Chance

Cat’s Whiskers TV presenter Jono Bullard rejoices in the news that Ice Hockey UK are asking British Hockey fans for their views.

On May 20th this year Ice Hockey UK, the governing body of the sport in Great Britain, announced that they had appointed Wharton Consulting a complete review of the game in this country in this press release.
As part of the review, IHUK today announced in this press release that they are welcoming the views of fans as part of the review. An online survey/questionnaire can be accessed until 15th August on this link.

I spoke to IHUK’s Media Officer Chris Ellis earlier who said “I think it’s massively important that fans take the opportunity to have their say. The biggest complaint from hockey fans is that no-one listens to them. Now the powers that be have organised an independent enquiry to help sort a promising future for the game. No stone will be left unturned and every piece of feedback will be analysed. I would encourage every hockey fan to have their say and be honest and say exactly how they think things can be improved”.

From my own point of view I have to completely agree with what Chris says. It’s very rare that fans are given an official opportunity to have their say about the game. How many times have you been involved in conversations with fellow fans where the phrase ‘this is how I’d like to do it’ or something similar crops up? Now is your chance to let IHUK know how you would like to see it done.

The survey is probably different to what you might expect, I liked how it asked what my perception of certain issues within the game are and then what they should be. The survey also allows you to explain why you have put the answers you have for certain questions. I think it is a very well put together set of questions and only took 15 minutes to complete, I’m sure most fans have 15 minutes spare to air their views.

Looking around the internet today the survey appears to have been well received by UK hockey fans. There were a few disparaging comments from a small number of posters on THF (posters who have constantly been critical of the state of the game in the UK) but generally the reception has been positive.

Of course, once IHUK and Wharton have the information it remains to be seen what they do with it, however I see the survey as an incredibly positive move by the governing body and i urge every hockey fan in this country to take the time to complete it.



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