Tyler Mosienko Must Be Given a Chance

As most will know it was confirmed on Saturday morning that Steelers had signed forward Tyler Mosienko from Alaska Aces in the ECHL. What added a bit of spice to this capture was that Mosienko was sacked from Danish side Esbjerg for betting against them in a game last season.

The news of his signing split the Steelers fan base and allowed the morally outraged from throughout the hockey world to vent their spleens. While on the surface the Steelers have taken one hell of a big gamble, surely everyone deserves a second chance?
Mosienko talks frankly about the incident in the Sheffield Star . From the interview it appears he has been a victim of his own greed & stupidity rather than anything more sinister. It’s pretty clear that he wasn’t the ringleader and has been justly punished for his misdemeanours. He clearly has remorse for what he has done, saying in the Star interview “I shouldn’t have done it, it was a mistake and I never thought about the consequences. Now I have to rebuild my career and my life.”

Another telling comment from the interview is at the very end when asked if there is a shadow hanging over him, where he says “It has been terrible and affected my career and my family.” Before I make my next comment please go and look at Mosienko’s career stats on Elite Prospects. Had a look? Now ask yourself this, how often do we get a player with that kind of pedigree coming into the Elite League? Not very often generally because they are out of the price range of most teams. This is supposition on my part but I suspect Mosienko has had to lower his perceived value in order to find a team who is willing to take a chance on him. I’m certain this is what has brought him to the UK.

While I can understand why some fans are apprehensive on his signing, he would have to be particularly stupid to try anything like this again. If he does then I’m sure the Steelers will show him the door. No doubt he’ll receive stick from opposing fans and every time he misses a good chance or messes up a play questions will be asked, that’s human nature and mud sticks. However his own actions have allowed a quality player to come to the league (you cannot argue with his pedigree) and as such raises the standard of the league overall.

In conclusion he deserves a chance, if he messes up then he deserves to be sent packing and I’m sure he will be watched like a hawk while he’s here.
As I said earlier Mosienko has been a victim of his own greed & stupidity, but I’m sure everyone reading this has been tempted by greed at some point in their lives. I’m sure Mosienko will pay for his for the rest of his career, but then again no-one is perfect.


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