The Current Marmite Player

In his first article for The Cat’s Whiskers, Tom from Twitter account @NPanthersBanter looks at the player who has come most under fire from fans during Panthers mixed start to the season, Chris Lawrence.

It’s safe to say that Chris Lawrence is very much a Marmite player at the moment; you either love him or hate him. I for one understand the frustrations that some fans are feeling towards him, but at the same time I see why people do like him and have seen sparks of why Corey Neilson signed him. However, are we giving him too much criticism?

I’m not much of a ‘stats’ person myself. Stats say a lot of things that are pretty useless, for example: “banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories per hour”, but let’s face it nobody does that do they? (Unless they’re a Steelers’ fan reading Dave Simms Tweets!) Anyway, back to Lawrence, out of all our forwards, he is joint 2nd top scorer, only 1 goal behind top scorer Greg Jacina who has been pretty much unanimously applauded this season for how much he has improved upon last year.

Lawrence has also taken 18 penalty minutes in 9 games, so averaging out as a penalty a game. Admittedly you’d probably want to see that ratio lowered a tad but it’s not really a huge detriment to our games. Just this weekend he won both Man of the Match awards scoring a goal in each game against Fife, but as I say these are just the ‘stats’, what about when you take them away?

I’ll happily agree I expected him to be a more physical forward being one of the bigger guys we have, but he’s clearly not that type of player. He has also noticeably pulled off some, how shall I say, lower-standard shots and pieces of play in some good positions, especially on the powerplay. Since we’re not scoring a huge amount at the moment, it certainly becomes more important and more noticeable, to the point where I turned to my neighbour on Saturday and said “If Lawrence is a penalty taker I’m walking out”. However I didn’t follow this through, as I was too busy thinking what on Earth Corey was thinking putting a player who lost the shootout competition in training on Tuesday as the 1st taker. So yes, I can see what people are getting annoyed about. But at the same time, his goal against the Blaze was a decent finish and he has now scored 3 goals in 4 EIHL games. Not bad for a guy who half the fans want gassed is it?

My point is you can make arguments for a lot of the players as to why they should stay or go. Robinson has scored one goal and got chucked out of a game against Cardiff resulting in a one match ban. Should we gas him? Don’t even get me started on Mark Lee. It’s like waiting for a parcel that Amazon are late delivering! Robert Lachowicz hasn’t done much with his points tally but I wouldn’t trade him for any other British player in the league.

By all means sing your praises or vent your frustration towards Lawrence, whatever your view is, that’s your freedom. I’m quite sarcastic with what I tweet about, but my general feeling towards Lawrence is this: I’m not going to be paying £1,000 for Lawrence’s jersey at the shirt auction, but I don’t want the club to gas him. As you read this your view is probably different, but there are always positives and negatives with every player. Let’s not lay all the blame on one players doorstep.


1 Response to “The Current Marmite Player”

  1. 1 Phil Cooper October 15, 2014 at 7:30 am

    Well this is Corey view
    Personally I think that he has improved with time, but takes some silly penalties, mostly perhaps as a result of clumsiness. He does bring some physical presence, but not in the same way as Lepine did. He has taken his goals well and hopefully he continues to improve.

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