Modiggity, No Doubt

Jono Bullard examines the impact & implications of the Netminder situation at Nottingham Panthers.

Some great news today as it was announced that netminder Mattias Modig will be staying at Nottingham Panthers for the rest of the season. The Swede arrived back in Nottingham this morning for his second spell with the club, having only left two weeks ago after the 2-1 defeat in Belfast.

With this news I think the club have achieved the impossible and managed to please everyone! Strong claims I know (especially if you’ve read The Cage recently) but this gives Craig Kowalski the time to get fully fit & healed and also provides insurance when he regains full fitness.

However, it has to be said that some have speculated if Kowalski will return at all. We only know what the Panthers have told us, this is a muscle injury with no time frame as to when he will be fit enough to return. If this is a new injury coming so soon after the groin problem which has affected him recently, you have to wonder if we will see him on the ice again but more on that later. In a Panthers Radio interview with Modig Gary Moran says that when Kowalski is fit we’ll have three netminders competing to start games, to which Modig agrees that the competition will be a good thing.

The Panthers organisation here deserve an immense amount of credit as far as I’m concerned. In my humble opinion the netminder is the most important spot on the roster. As a club we’ve been privileged to have the best goal-tender in the league these past few seasons (my opinion again), we’ve ensured that there will be no loss in quality in that area by securing Modig for the rest of the season. When you consider that Sheffield have Frank Doyle and Belfast have recently secured the services of Carson Chubak, it is vital that the club have an excellent netminder to cover Craig Kowalski. I firmly believe they have done this.

Finally to Kolwaski himself. The word legend is put aside for a select few and I would doubt that many Panthers fans would deny K-Wall such a title when it comes to his Panthers career. I genuinely hope that this isn’t it and he does come back to compete for the starting net minder role. Even if it is only for one more game, Craig Kowalski deserves to step out at the NIC at least one more time to take thanks from those in the stands who have appreciated his incredible contribution to this hockey club. It’s no more than a legend deserves.


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