Originally published in The Cat’s Whiskers Issue #1 October 2000

  1. Bryan Wells – Canadian Bryan played 8 games for Streatham Redskins in the 89/90 season. In those few games he managed to amass 84 PIMS, not bad going! It all started to make sense when Bryan’s fledgling career was brought to an abrupt halt when it was revealed he had a worldwide ban imposed on him for violent conduct which he had failed to mention when entering the country!
  2. Mike McWilliams – Former Devil Mike was one of those players whose private persona was in total contrast to the ruddy faced, snarling, spitting animal he became whence lacing up his boots. Mike took the job of enforcer to a whole new level during his stay in Britain. Highlights include his attempted mugging of Mike Blaisdell while on his way to an early bath and his destruction of the Storm dressing room following an ejection at the play-offs.
  3. Mike Ware – Be afraid, be very afraid! This is one man you would not mess with.Mike recently re-affirmed his position as top goon in the ISL with a 3 punch demolition of Dennis ‘Glass Jaw’ Vial. Much travelled Mike enjoyed the high point of his career in the DEL when he allegedly knocked out an opposing player with his stick during warm up! Nice!
  4. Mike Rowe – Cuddly ref Mike was arguably the most cynical player in Britain for a good 10 years. he would continually target the smallest and youngest opposition players until they were too scared to step onto the ice! Mike endeared himself to Panthers fans by breaking Nigel Rhodes jaw after swinging his stick at him. However, Mike was never the same after then Panther Selmar Odelain demolished him and his reputation with four swift punches to the face!
  5. Brent Sapergia –Former Solihull import Brent managed to accrue 196 PIMS in 25 games for the Barons in the 91-92 season. Not only did he get himself thrown out of most games but he got himself and the Barons chairman arrested for an incident in a Birmingham nightclub!
  6. Grant Slater – Scottish born Grant is the one player to have had more clubs than Todd Bidner! He would always save his cheapest shots for when he played against one of his old teams, and since he played for nearly everyone, that’s a lot of cheap shots! You ould guarantee he wouldn’t last the game, but at least he was British.
  7. Rob McCaig – Hull hard man Rob got himself banned for life whilst playing for Newcastle Cobras, after biting then linesman Moray Hanson on the arm while he was breaking up a fight. McCaig’s excuse was that Hanson had him in a choke hold, which is fair enough as I often feel like biting Moray Hanson for being a crap ref!
  8. Dave Ross – Few fans who remember the Whitley Warriors teams of the early nineties will forget Dave. He was the undisputed penalty king for about 5 seasons, challenged only by our very own Simon Hunt. The major difference between the two is that Hunty would score a few goals in between giving someone a good kicking!
  9. Peter Graham –Woe betide anyone who dared enter the crease when Peter was in the pipes for Whitley Bay. As far as he was concerned any oppositions player was fair game if they came within range of his stick. He managed to get himself a 30 game ban for over exuberant use of the timber! You don’t have to be to be a netminder, but it helps!
  10. Paul Heavey –Ayr assistant coach Heavey was almost up there with fellow Scot Grant Slater as far as cheap shots go. He loved the physical side of hockey, especially if it involved beating the living daylights out of someone!

2 Responses to “JLD’s Top Ten – Dirtiest Players”

  1. 1 Stuart June 19, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Some crackers in there! As soon as I read that title I thought of Dave Ross and Peter Graham… I always felt that Paul Heavey actually enjoyed hurting people in a very cynical too.

    A few more names to conjure with:

    Paul Hand – a complete animal!

    Mark Budz – a one-man war zone!

    Former one-time Panther Neil Abel could dish it out.

    Few might remember him but another ex-Panther, Gordie Patterson caused a riot every time he came on the ice (which was not too often!)

  2. 2 Wombat August 18, 2011 at 3:46 am

    Good list.

    I was there when Peter Graham perpetrated the attack that earned him that ban. It was like watching a scene from Conan the Barbarian.

    But you’re dreaming if you think that the dwarf-like Simon Hunt ever gave anyone a “good kicking”!

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