Originally published in The Cat’s Whiskers Issue #1 October 2000 & written by Paul Balm

  1. Durham– Where do you begin with Durham? The slope in the corner (of the ice), the 3 inches of dust on the roof supports, guessing which ceiling tile would fall down first, the way it was always 5 degrees colder inside the rink or even the grand sounding Lindisfarne Suite (It was actually a couple of rows of old cinema seats that I don’t recall anyone sitting in!)
  2. Playing ‘Spot the Pigeon’ at Whitley – Long before the days of four sided all singing, all dancing scoreboards hanging from the rafters, Whitley had pigeons! How they got in or, more importantly, why they stayed I’ll never know, but it enlivened many a warm up. For some reason they never appeared during a game!
  3. The alpine mural at Cleaveland – More often than not it was more interesting than the game! Imagine Julie Andrews running around alpine hillsides singing ‘The Sound of Music’ and you’ve got the picture! Majestic snow peaked mountains, chalets, goat herds, the works! Maybe it’s an idea as an alternative if the video wall never materialises!
  4. Running train trips to Blackpool – The wind off the Irish Sea can be a bit bracing in July so you can imagine what it must be like in March! It’s a strange feeling walking the streets of Blackpool out of season. Most of the front is shut and those places that aren’t are full of staff who can’t work out why they’ve bothered opening and people who are glad they’re open because it’s somewhere to shelter. Stranger still was being at an away game where the away fans outnumbered the home support! We still lost though!
  5. Peterborough –The best way to hear the announcer at Peterborough was in the toilets! I don’t really want to go into this one too much but it was! In the rink itself the sound was muffled by the accoustics, but it was always as clear as a bell in the gents! True connoisseurs might like to know that that the ones closest to the cafe always had a slightly better sound!

2 Responses to “Things The Arena Generation Will Never Know………”

  1. 1 Daryl Slinn December 29, 2008 at 12:08 am

    And you can’t forget the Peterborough Hump, that almighty mountain that used to be down the rink from the cafe end.

  1. 1 The Nottingham Panthers – Memories from Lower Parliament Street « The Tears of a Clown Trackback on October 15, 2009 at 10:21 pm

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