Don’t ask why but I was rummaging through the bins at the back of the Panthers Office the other day when I came across some sheets of partially burnt paper. Very little could be made out but the top page caught my eye: 

“E HL r le ook

o not disclose
val d until
lers win somethi” 


The rest of the pages were just as badly burned but in the interests of public knowledge I can bring you excerpts of the information that could be read. I want to thank The Cat’s Whiskers for having the guts to print this article. I offered it to Powerplay first (they pay more) and they were going to run with it in their last issue but they pulled it at the last minute. Cold feet? Did they get leaned on? Who can say? I just know that something didn’t sit right with their excuses. Anyway, their loss is your gain so here goes. Here’s what I found: 

Rule 1.8.72 Calculation of Bans 

Bans are no longer calculated on the severity of the incident. Any previous rules regarding this matter should now be disregarded. The following criteria each carry a two game ban and the length of the ban can be calculated by all that apply: 

Was the match was shown on Sky Sports?

Was the player affected British?

Was the player affected playing for the Sheffield Steelers? 

Rule 1.8.73 Ban Appeal Procedure 

An appeal can only be heard if the appealing team

a)       Feel that the player banned will serve a particular use in a forthcoming game. (If the ban is reduced it can only be reduced to the number of games up to and including the game before the game in question.)

b)       The agreed, no refundable fee has been paid to the League

c)       The team are felt to have realistic chance of winning a trophy and the ban could be seen to have a detrimental effect

d)       Are the Sheffield Steelers 

Rule 2.4.41 Tony Hand 

An opposing player shall be assessed a two minute minor penalty if, in the referee’s opinion, an attempt to impede the progress of Tony Hand has been made. This rule is not affected by any other rules and what would constitute a legal check or attempt to remove the puck from another player shall be deemed illegal in this instance. 

Rule 3.7.81 Wage Cap Exception

The wages of any player below the official, stated height of 5′ 9″ who returns to a club for part of a season having played there before and having played part of another season for a different EIHL team shall not count against the wage cap. 

Rule 5.1.99 Announcer Exceptions 

Any announcer for the South Yorkshire franchise will not be subject to any of the rules governing the practices of announcers previously stated in paragraphs 5.1.1 to 5.1.98. In particular paragraphs 5.1.46 to 5.1.55 regarding bringing the game into disrepute are not relevant. Should a third party attempt to bring a claim against any announcer of the South Yorkshire franchise it will be disregarded and the third party shall be told that there is no case to answer as the comments were made in an attempt to solidify the financial position of the franchise by increasing ticket revenue.

Written by Paul Balm




1 Response to “Rule Book Found?”

  1. 1 Mark MacInnes August 12, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    haha this is absolute fantastic. excellent thing you got going here!!

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