Here in Nottingham, we are very lucky to have had such a rich tradition of hockey through the years. In a brand new Cat’s Whiskers feature, Kim Williams (Panthers Kim) has written about the heritage of the Panthers throughout the years in a number of parts which will each have their own page.

1939 – 1946: The War

1946 – 1950: Formative Years

1950 – 1954: Success & Failure

1954 – 1960: British National League

1980 – 1985: A Club Reborn

1985 – 1987: The Arrival of Alex Dampier

1987 – 1989: Glory

1989 – 1993: Money Matters

1993 – 1996: The Great Divide

1996 – 1998: The Super League

This in depth look at our history is being written in parts by Kim and will hopefully be completed within the next month or so. For futher detailed reading on the history of the Panthers, please check out Pete Walch’s excellent Panthers History Website


3 Responses to “Panthers History”

  1. 1 Stuart July 23, 2009 at 12:23 am

    I’ve read and enjoyed all of the chapters here about the club’s long history and thoroughly enjoyed them.

    Congratulations to Kim for some really excellent and eminently readable writing. The articles capture a great deal of the main points of the club’s illustrious history in a concise and easy to digest way.

    I look forward to reading more of Kim’s words.

  2. 2 Ken Abbott April 14, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    I absolutely agree with Stuart, reading through all of the articles has brought back so many, many memories.
    Having “been there” at the cup final wins in Birmingham in 1985 and at Wembley in 1989 plus all the other major finals throughout the nineties Kims writing has brought back so much, lows and well as highs.
    Also, being a Panthers fan while working in Sheffield for 10 years (from 1987 onwards) I enjoyed experiences from both sides of the fence – I still have many “Dee Dah” friends in Sheffield to this day.
    Now my two girls are teenagers we’ve been to several Panthers games just before the end of this (09/10) season and it looks like we’ll be regulars this coming September – they absolutely love it.
    Like Stuart, I look forward to reading more.

  1. 1 What History Has Taught Me « The Cat's Whiskers & Cat's Whiskers TV Trackback on January 14, 2013 at 9:43 pm

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